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My name is Joe Ferra and I have been a Mediator with Family Mediation Associates since 2004. Having received advanced mediation training at UCLA, and professional mentorship under the highly respected John Biancardi, I have been honored to serve as the past President for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Kern County Bar Association and as Superior Court Mediation Panelist for both Kern and Los Angeles Counties.

We provide Mediation in Bakersfield, CA and Mediation in Ventura, CA designed to help families resolve conflicts quickly and affordably with the goal of saving headache, heartache, time, and money. If you are experiencing any variety of family conflict that you’re having difficulty resolving, this path has been developed specifically for you.

Our main objective is to facilitate resolution of family conflicts and reconciliation for couples struggling with their marriage. Our process has been proven to quickly assist with stopping relationship deterioration. If you are having difficulty in your family relationships, even with the help of professional counseling and spiritual guidance, we can be of assistance.

If you are in the family service profession and your efforts with a particular family are not achieving the success you intend, I would like to sincerely encourage you to partner with us and refer your clients to a Mediator in Bakersfield, or Mediator in Ventura, so that we may join you and assist you in providing strong and supportive supplemental resources that may prove effective in helping you and your clients reach their goal.

If you are a family member in need of assistance, we encourage you to contact us so that we may begin to promptly offer you the supportive services you are seeking. Partnering with local professional experts helps us to ensure that you are receiving the comprehensive care that your family needs to be successful achieving your goals. We are humbled and honored to be invited into your lives to assist you and your family moving toward the highest levels of health, happiness and well being.

While we would like to help every family stay together, we understand that sometimes this will not be possible. In that case, we are here to assist you with moving your family forward under the best possible circumstances. Through a Divorce Mediator in Bakersfield, or a Divorce Mediator in Ventura, would like to help you avoid the insane nightmare of litigation. The financial devastation is insignificant compared to the emotional destruction that you and your family will likely endure should you chose to take up arms and do battle in court.

Our services are specifically designed to save headache, heartache, time, and money. Our goal is to move families forward under the best possible circumstances. Please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Special thanks to all of our partners in the community. We have been honored to have had your trusted confidence over the last decade.

Wishing everyone in Bakersfield and Ventura Health and Happiness and a wonderful 4th of July, 2016!

Joe Ferra

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