What Is Marital Mediation


Marital Mediation, as developed by Family Mediation Associates, is designed to be a relationship stop loss. When the deterioration of communication and affection has reached the point where termination of the relationship is seriously being considered, Marital Mediation should be utilized, immediately.

Supporting the efforts of the couple, family, friends, counselors, clergy, and physicians, when all other interventions seem to be failing, Marital Mediation has proven to usher in a new foundation and level of support upon which the efforts of others can be received and appreciated.

If the couple can’t breathe, they can’t eat. If they are suffocating, they will be unable to consume even the most nourishing banquet of love and support.

Marital Mediation has been created to breathe new life into relationships. From there the couple will return to continue working on themselves, for themselves, for one another, and for their family.

Marital mediation begins with one 3-hour session. During that time, an exhaustive list of all of the problems, issues, and concerns family members have will be identified and discussed.

Through our professionally facilitated mediation process participants maintain open communication, working toward a collaborative resolution.

Upon completion of marital mediation, participants leave with a detailed plan that is documented so that long-term resolution is found, and immediate improvements are realized thereby enhancing future communication and interaction.

Couples who are considering divorce are strongly encouraged to seek marital mediation prior to filing for divorce.

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