Why Marital Mediation


When my wife and I were struggling with our relationship, we could not find the help we needed to assist us with reconciling our differences.

Friends and family were unable to successfully assist. Option Failed.

Though we were married in the church, one party refused spiritual counseling. Option Failed.

My wife didn’t feel comfortable working with the counselor with whom I had a pre-existing relationship. Option Failed.

I didn’t care for the counselor with whom my wife had established a relationship. Option Failed.

When we went to a neutral marriage counselor it quickly became clear that neither of us we’re receiving what we needed from the counseling experience. Option Failed.

Praying to God didn’t solve the problem. Option Failed.

The bottom line is that we could not find the help that we needed to successfully overcome our difficulties. A mutually agreeable solution was not to be found.

To this day, I am convinced that neither of us got married with the intention to get divorced. Yet, here we are fifteen years later, five years divorced.

Marital Mediation, as facilitated by Family Mediation Associates, has been created to address ALL OF THE PROBLEMS, ISSUES, AND CONCERNS that are contributing to the deterioration of the marital relationship. Every area of the relationship is explored and every problem is met with a detailed, collaborative resolution, created by both parties. Expert neutral facilitation is key.

When the couple leave Marital Mediation, with Family Mediation Associates, they will have in their hands the road map to success that THEY have created. Whether or not the parties choose to follow it will be up to them. Either way, one thing is certain: Both parties will know, without a shadow of a doubt, the path that successfully returns their relationship to health and happiness.

If you’re considering Divorce in Bakersfield, or Divorce in Ventura, and you haven’t tried Marital Mediation, with Family Mediation Associates, you haven’t done all that you can do to save your family.

Having said all of that, the bottom line is that sometimes one party in a relationship will not want to continue with the marriage. For whatever reason(s), they simply cannot or will not continue working to improve the relationship.

Divorce hurts. It is one of the most painful experiences that you will endure in your lifetime. The idea of beginning to consider how you could possibly move forward may terrify or infuriate you. I want to reassure you, it will be ok. I want to instill in you the confidence that you can and will get through this. I want to reinforce the fact and the truth that you really do not have to fight. If you truly love someone, then you want them to be happy even when their happiness is without you. It may seem impossible at times, but you really can learn to love and let go and still work together in the best interest of yourself, your partner, and the children. Though the relationship may be ending, the family will continue.

Family Mediation Associates has been developed with one goal in mind: To move your family forward under the best possible circumstances.

Whichever path you choose, reconciliation or dissolution, we are here to help you save headache, heartache, time and money.

We are truly humbled and honored to be invited into your lives.

Joe Ferra

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