Divorce Mediation in California

Our Philosophy: Though the marriage may be ending, the family will continue.

Our Goal: Assist you with transitioning your family through the marital dissolution process under the best possible circumstances.

If you are considering divorce and don't know what to do, or you believe that your only avenue is the emotional and financial destruction of litigation, please call us - 661.805.5445.

Family Mediation Associates is committed to ensuring that marital dissolution does not result in the emotional destruction of your family, unnecessary waste of your time, or the senseless reduction of your assets. We have helped countless families move through the process of divorce under the best possible circumstances. Occasionally, the process has resulted in reconciliation.

Divorce Mediation begins with one 3-hour session. During that time, all of the problems, issues, and concerns the family members have will be discussed (i.e. division of assets, financial support, and custody issues, etc.). Through our professionally facilitated mediation process, participants maintain open communication, addressing all outstanding concerns, and working toward a collaborative agreement.

All legal rights are protected by divorce mediation and settlements are binding and enforceable by the court. Upon completion of mediation, participants will leave with a detailed agreement that is documented and signed so that a long-term resolution is found, and immediate improvements are realized thereby enhancing future communication and interaction.

Participants in mediation are encouraged to be reasonable and set aside destructive emotions in order to avoid the tumultuous consequences of adversarial litigation. The demonstrated ability to work together will generate as much good will as possible as the family moves forward.

Not every divorce needs to end up as a legal contest fought out in a courtroom. Bringing in a mediator to facilitate calm, thoughtful discussion can result in an amicable divorce.


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